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Scan Reader Pen

The Future of Reading

We’ve teamed up with Assistive Power to bring you the Scan Reader Pen, an assistive device that makes reading easier.

Whether you’re a student, a professional, or just love books, this pen is for you!

Designed to support people who can find reading tricky, like those with dyslexia or autism, the Scan Reader Pen is a fully portable, pocket-sized device that reads text out aloud with an English, human-like digital voice.

e-Reader pens like the Scan Reader Pen can now be accessed through your NDIS support plan. Ask us how!

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Here’s how it works


Glide the Scan Reader Pen across any written text

Just glide the Scan Reader Pen over any text, whether it’s in a book or on a screen, and it reads it out loud for you.


Hear your scanned words read out loud for you instantly

With Bluetooth, you can listen to the words it scans without any wires, making reading even easier.


Unlock comprehensive understanding and embrace the knowledge that the Scan Reader Pen brings

Dive deeper into your reading. The Scan Reader Pen helps you understand even tricky words or ideas.

Features of the Scan Reader Pen

The Scan Reader Pen has a range of different buttons and features to select from, including text translation, text scanning, in-built dictionary, speech translation, scan and transfer and chat GPT – all designed to boost reading comprehension and confidence.

Text Translation

Translate up to 112 different languages. Great for reading books in different languages.


Print and Digital Text Scanning

Scan text from books or screens. You can adjust the reading speed to suit you and save words to practice later.


In-built Dictionary

Scan any word to find out what it means. Supported by the Collins English Dictionary.

Speech Translation

Speak into the pen, and it’ll translate what you say into text and then into another language if you like too.


Scan and Transfer

Turn your handwritten notes into digital notes that you can save on your computer or tablet.


Chat GPT Intergration

Ask the integrated artificial intelligence (AI) questions about what you’ve scanned. This can support you to understand the text better, as long as you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

Become the reader you’ve always wanted to be

The Scan Reader Pen is a versatile and powerful tool that supports people to improve their reading skills, understand complex ideas, and gain confidence in their reading abilities.

By simply gliding the pen over any text, whether it’s in a book or on a screen, the Scan Reader Pen instantly reads it aloud. This feature not only supports with understanding the text, but also boosts confidence in reading.

The pen allows users to read at their own pace, adjust the reading speed, and even save words to revisit in the future. If someone comes across a word they don’t know, they can simply scan it to find out its meaning. This supports people to increase their vocabulary and reading comprehension.

The Scan Reader Pen can also be used for note-taking, allowing users to convert handwritten notes into digital format and transfer them to a computer or tablet. This is particularly useful for students or people on the go learning new topics.

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Caption: An overview of the Scan Reader Pen

Scan Reader Pen vs C-Reader 2 Pen

Both the Scan Reader Pen and C-Pen Reader 2 offer portable solutions for reading printed text on the go. They are lightweight and easy to carry, making them convenient for users on the move.

One key difference between the two pens is their language coverage. While both offer dictionary lookup features, the Scan Reader Pen translates text into up to 112 different languages, whereas the C-Pen Reader 2 has a more limited language coverage.

Scan Reader Pen

In many ways, the Scan Reader Pen is an upgraded version of the popular C-Pen Reader 2 – thanks to its innovative technology and design features.

One of its standout features is the ability to transcribe scanned text into digital format directly onto your phone or laptop as you scan.

Additionally, unlike the C-Pen Reader 2, the Scan Reader Pen has instant access to chat GPT, enhancing its functionality.

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C-Pen Reader 2

Like the Scan Reader Pen, the C-Pen Reader 2 is a portable text-to-voice device designed to make reading easier.

Whereas the Scan Reader Pen has a few more features, the C-Pen Reader 2 focuses on text-to-speech functionality and accessibility features, such as text magnification.

Like the Scan Reader Pen, the C-Pen Reader 2 can also transfer scanned text to a computer, but you will have to save it to a file and then transfer it to your computer via USB (not Bluetooth.)

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Which e-reader pen is best for you?

The choice between the two pens depends on your specific needs. If you require reading assistance, language support, or digital text conversion, you should consider the features offered by each pen to determine which best meets your requirements.

Improve your reading today

Experience clear, efficient, and confident reading with the Scan Reader Pen. Completely change the way you read, learn, and communicate with this cutting-edge e-reading device. Available now in-store and online at NovitaTech.

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