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About NovitaTech

Who we are and what we do

One thing can make all the difference to someone. At NovitaTech, we combine creative thinking and technology to enhance human capability. We love supporting people living with disability to achieve their personal goals. We listen first and ask second. That’s our client-focussed approach as we meet with adults, children, families, carers, disability workers and other organisations, and together, co-design the best leading-edge solutions for real people. Our comprehensive suite of quality products and services, enrich and enhance everyday life. We’re also flexible enough to visit our clients wherever it suits them. Trialled, tested and accredited, our tailored assistive technology ranges from off-the-shelf to custom built solutions, and from simple devices to sophisticated equipment. It all comes down to options and choice alongside easy-to-understand information.

NovitaTech provides a life-long service – it’s not about solving one challenge, one time, we’re there for every stage and every journey. We create because we care. Driven to innovate as evidence-based inventors, our knowledge and guidance grows through continuous learning and developing relationships with those who use what we make. We’re proud to facilitate life-changing experiences, by assisting individuals to move, communicate, play, learn, work, and participate in the community. This not only improves independence through access and mobility but also leads to confidence and positive social connections. Creating ways for people to live the life they imagine is our reward.

NovitaTech – Make the world fit you.

NovitaTech helps individuals to access Assistive Technology (often called AT) to help them move, play, learn and work. If you or your child have difficulty with independently or safely doing everyday tasks, there is a strong chance that the right AT will make an important difference in your life.

Who is NovitaTech

NovitaTech is an assistive technology service team of very experienced people, including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, allied health assistants, rehabilitation engineers, orthotists and technicians, skilled in supporting you with the right assistive technology.

We are very skilled in supporting you with assistive technology, which includes anything from a simple device in the kitchen like a tap turner (to make using them easier), to a powered wheelchair or computer that is controlled with your eyes (called eyegaze technology).

Our staff have specialised knowledge and skills to support kids, adults, families and carers to select, set-up and access the most appropriate assistive technology to support with mobility, communication, education and daily living.

How does NovitaTech support me?

When you book into a no-waitlist consultation, our team can provide a wide range of services relating to assistive technology such as:

Assessment, advice and information regarding different types of assistive technology and are recognised prescribers with various equipment funding schemes.

Assistive Technology Clinics: Individuals can be assessed and try out a large range of equipment from various suppliers rarely all found together in the same place. Our clinics can help therapists and families choose the right piece of equipment. This includes walkers, powered mobility, shower chairs and modified bikes.

Training and Support: using different types of assistive technology. This can be provided either individually or in a group setting. Training can also be provided to carer, families, school staff and other community groups.

Seating and Mobility: The Seating and Mobility team specialise in the assessment, design and fabrication of custom solutions for clients with complex AT needs.

Orthotics: Fabrication of a broad range of orthotic devices made to meet individual needs and maximise support and function, all handled by our specialised Orthotics team. NovitaTech is becoming a leading user of 3D technology for mobility devices.


Home and Building Modifications and Home Automation: Our occupational therapists have the skills and experience to work with you, and your family to find options that will make your environment easier to use, safer, and support your independence. Our home modifications team can visit you in your home to help and guide you on the latest AT and how to set it up. We can also help you plan and gain NDIS funding approval. We also supply, install and maintain equipment, so you can focus on getting the maximum benefit.

Technology in Home Automation has been rapidly improving, as well as becoming more affordable. We support customers to choose the right technology so that they can control their home environment. Examples of home automation include automatic doors and controlling the TV, air-conditioner, blinds, curtains and lights from a central point.


Where does NovitaTech provide these services?

We provide a range of the NovitaTech services from all of Novita’s metropolitan sites and our dedicated NovitaTech Assistive Technology Centre at 1 South Road, Thebarton

Depending on what type of service you wish to access, we can often visit at private homes, preschools and child care centres, schools, hospitals and supported accommodation facilities.

In some cases, you may need to travel to Novita’s Central Therapy hub to access certain trial items or for certain assessments and appointments where modifications can be made on site.

If you would like information or free advice, or to book into a no-waitlist consultation, speak to someone in our friendly team on 1300 668 482 or visit our Contact Us page for more ways to get in touch.

Repairs and Maintenance

Providing technical support, servicing, and repairs for a large range of AT. With fully equipped mechanical and electronic workshops at our Thebarton branch, as well as a mobile service, our skilled technicians are local and ready to assist, either in the client’s home or wherever they need us.

Electronic Services

NovitaTech can provide electronic repairs, customisation and technical support for a wide range of assistive technology devices. We have a well-appointed electronics workshop at our site in Thebarton. The service is provided by an experienced electronics technician and supported by Allied Health Assistants.

If you are having difficulties with electronic equipment or for a quote to customise or modify your device contact NovitaTech on 1300 668 482 or visit our Contact Us page for more ways to get in touch.