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Guldmann Hoists

Reach new heights with Guldmann Hoists and NovitaTech!

Guldmann Hoists are more than just a lifter taking people from point A to B – they are an award-winning system that can open up accessibility throughout the whole house at the press of a button.

Guldmann ceiling hoists redefine accessibility in the home by providing a seamless and secure solution for individuals with limited mobility. With sleek Danish design and engineering, Guldmann hoists are the gold standard for reliable accessibility solutions. Guldmann hoist systems are easy to operate, reliable, and versatile – the perfect solution for all your lifting needs.


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Reach new heights with Guldmann Hoists and NovitaTech!

Guldmann hoist systems are easy to operate, reliable, and versatile – the perfect solution for all your lifting needs. Designed in Aarhus, Denmark, and trusted the world over, Guldmann hoists were developed with in line with their key design directives – ensuring that they stay at the cutting-edge and remain the most dependable option on the market.

The Guldmann 10 Key Design Directives

These directives are sourced from regular Guldmann customers and users, and are used to guide development of their ceiling hoist systems.

1. Enhancing your Environment
The unique features of Guldmann Hoists, such as the quick-release fittings, intuitive controls, or low rolling resistance, will improve the clients surroundings, and support them in creating a more accessible space.

2. More Time to Care
Streamlining lifting and handling processes for clients allows for more time for carers and guardians to focus on what matters most, rather than the technical side of support.

3. Ease of Use
Features such as effective power management and ready to use features will allow care staff to focus more on client interactions and building stronger relationships with their patients.

4. Seamless Work Processes
Limitless versatility allows for effective usage in any support situation, including those with specialised lifting and handling needs.

5. High Comfort
Guldmann Hoists will provide the smoothest ride on the market, with precision engineering providing the highest level of comfort to the client possible.

6. All-Round Appeal
Provides a safe and comfortable feel for clients, while focusing on minimalist, unobtrusive design.

7. Environmentally Responsible
Guldmann follow environmentally responsible practices while manufacturing their systems, such as focusing on the use of recyclable materials, and effective power management while in use.

8. Contemporary Design
Designed in partnership with prominent Danish architects, featuring innovative use of shape, colour and materials, Guldmann Hoists are able to be integrated and installed into any kind of building structure, and blend in with it’s surroundings.

9. Easy to Maintain
It shall be easy to carry out routine inspections quickly, minimising down time for services and repair and allowing more time for client use.

10. Full Compliance with Industry Norms
Guldmann hoists are strong, durable, and reliable, and designed in full compliance with local and international disability norms and regulations.

Optimized Lifting Solutions for Maximum Efficiency and Minimal Disruption

Gliding across their custom-built, lightweight aluminium rail system with minimal resistance, Guldmann hoists are quiet and unobtrusive, yet remain highly responsive and efficient. With a minimal power footprint thanks to their innovative design and engineering, Guldmann ceiling hoists are still able to lift weights of up to 500kg.

Why choose Guldmann Hoists?

A Guldmann Hoist in the home can support carers to provide the best care possible, by reducing the amount of manual lifting and handling required, which in turn may reduce stress and strain for the client.

Guldmann Hoists are also simple to use, opening up new accessibility possibilities with just the press of a button on the quick-charge control remote.

Expanding Accessibility: The Integrated Approach of Guldmann Hoist Systems

These innovative hoist systems are more than just a single room mobility solution too – Guldmann hoist systems are designed to be combined and can mix-and-match with a variety of turntables, combination locks and rail links to become the solution for the whole building. What’s more, Guldmann hoists are designed to blend in with the home, and can stay unobtrusive and discreet if desired.

The Guldmann GH3 Ceiling Hoist system in fact won a coveted Red Dot design award for it’s “simple, elegant design that blends harmoniously into the surrounding architecture, while also remaining highly functional”

Customizable Guldmann Rail Systems: Tailored to Your Space and Style

The rail system is able be customised in both function or aesthetics during installation – you might install a complex system that covers your entire building, featuring turntables, switch tracks and more, or you might chose to ‘hide’ the rail system by installing the tracks in a way that blends them into your existing house décor. Our NovitaTech Home Modification technicians will be more than happy to help you in creating a plan for the installation of the Guldmann system, and install to your desired specifications.

The Role of Guldmann Ceiling Hoists in Creating Accessible Environments

Whether in homes, Specialist Disability Accommodation, or retirement communities, Guldmann ceiling hoists represent a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. Transforming environments into empowering spaces where mobility challenges are met with practical and compassionate solutions.

At NovitaTech, we can deliver and install your Guldmann Hoist system for you, and any required wall-brackets, turntables, and any other accessories if required. We are trusted sellers and distributors of Guldmann Hoists in South Australia, and our skilled home modification technicians are highly experienced and can make installation a breeze.

When installing your new Guldmann Ceiling Hoist system, it’s important to identify your key needs to develop the most effective solution. We offer a variety of Guldmann systems and solutions, from freestanding options as well as wall and ceiling mounted systems. With this range of options, we can accommodate your needs in any environment, from your own home, to specific SDA housing, hospitals, aged care institutions, and much more. Guldmann Hoists are extremely adaptable – the systems can be modified and configured to fit your needs.

Slings and Accessories

Guldmann innovation doesn’t just stop with the hoist – we also have a wide Guldmann slings and accessories to ensure that each and every transfer is as smooth as it can possibly be.

The correct sling is an important part of the good transfer – because it ensures the best comfort for the user, as well as the safety of both user and carer.

All Guldmann slings are available in a range of sizes, making them suitable for children and adults of all sizes, and have designed for different degrees of body control, muscle strength, need for individual disposable slings, or much more.  The slings can be used for a variety of purposes other than transfers, such as gait training, bariatric care, or individual limb movement and care – whatever you need, Guldmann are sure to have a sling that fits you.

The type of sling can have a major influence on the quality of use of the hoist. Need help choosing the correct sling for you? Contact our team today, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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All Guldmann Hoist systems are ordered to customer specifications, and can be fitted any surroundings as needed.