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ROVE Wheelchairs

Your journey to unparalleled mobility starts here.

At NovitaTech, we merge innovation with technology to elevate human capability. Proudly introducing our latest advancement: ROVE wheelchairs.

Experience the future of mobility with ROVE—Australia’s most stylish wheelchairs. They embody the fusion of design and tech, offering not just movement, but freedom, comfort, and style. Join us in reimagining mobility and exploring the world with ROVE. Welcome to the future of independence.


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About ROVE Wheelchairs

ROVE Wheelchairs redefine the landscape of mobility, going beyond being just a mode of transportation. They are a powerful statement of strength, lightness, and durability. Each ROVE wheelchair is customised to cater to your unique needs, ensuring that your mobility experience is not just functional but tailored to perfection.

ROVE wheelchairs are committed to cutting-edge designs and technology.

At the heart of every ROVE wheelchair lies a unique combination of titanium and carbon fiber – a balance of strength and lightness that ensures a seamless and effortless mobility experience.


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Titanium Additive Manufacturing

ROVE wheelchairs come to life through additive manufacturing technology, also known as 3D printing. The secret weapon? Aerospace-grade titanium (Ti6Al4V) – a material that maximises strength where it’s needed most while minimising mass in lower-stress regions. The use of internal lattice structures, achievable only through additive manufacturing, provides unmatched stiffness to critical parts. 

This process allows for flexibility in design, ensuring the titanium is placed precisely where needed. ROVE’s dedication to innovation shines through, as they leverage the incredible properties of titanium to redefine what is possible in mobility solutions. 

Carbon Fibre Tube Technology

Utilising carbon fibre, a material five times stronger than steel and twice as stiff, ROVE wheelchairs ensure the perfect balance of strength and agility. The process involves wrapping long strands of carbon fiber at specific angles, resulting in a robust and long-lasting foundation for the wheelchair frame. 

The carbon fibre construction ensures that every ROVE wheelchair is not only a testament to engineering excellence but also a joy to navigate, offering users a dynamic and comfortable experience.

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ROVE Technology Overview

Caption: ROVE Technolology Overview

Testing for unmatched reliability

Every ROVE wheelchair undergoes a series of tests, ensuring that they not only meet but exceed Australian Standards (AS NZS 3695.1-2011). Material tensile testing, frame stiffness testing, and accelerated fatigue testing for mechanisms are just a few aspects of the evaluation process. 

The commitment to safety and reliability is reflected in the maximum load rating of 110kg, demonstrating ROVE’s dedication to ensuring your mobility is supported with the utmost care and precision. Each wheelchair is a testament to the attention to detail and the pursuit of perfection that defines the ROVE brand. 


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ROVE Wheelchairs at NovitaTech

Customise Your ROVE Experience 

Discover the future of mobility with ROVE Wheelchairs. Explore the range of customisable options and embark on a journey where innovation and excellence meet to redefine your mobility experience. 


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