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Gradient 1:8 Wing Ramp


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Extending ramp by providing side access and alleviating trip hazards.



Can Tyrex products be used outside?

Tyrex rubber products are durable, long-lasting, hard-wearing, UV-resistant and suitable for outdoor use.

How long do Tyrex products last?

Due to our unique manufacturing process, Tyrex products are very durable and hard-wearing. With reasonable care, they will last a lifetime.

How do I clean Tyrex products?

Tyrex products are easy to clean and require very little maintenance. Please refer to our product cleaning and maintenance guide.

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Weight 1 kg
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1000mm(B) x 125mm(A) x 1000mm(B), 1040mm(B) x 130mm(A) x 1040mm(B), 1080mm(B) x 135mm(A) x 1080mm(B), 1120mm(B) x 140mm(A) x 1120mm(B), 1160mm(B) x 145mm(A) x 1160mm(B), 1200mm(B) x 150mm(A) x 1200mm(B), 280mm(B) x 35mm(A) x 280mm(B), 320mm(B) x 40mm(A) x 320mm(B), 360mm(B) x 45mm(A) x 360mm(B), 400mm(B) x 50mm(A) x 400mm(B), 440mm(B) x 55mm(A) x 440mm(B), 480mm(B) x 60mm(A) x 480mm(B), 520mm(B) x 65mm(A) x 520mm(B), 560mm(B) x 70mm(A) x 560mm(B), 600mm(B) x 75mm(A) x 600mm(B), 640mm(B) x 80mm(A) x 640mm(B), 680mm(B) x 85mm(A) x 680mm(B), 720mm(B) x 90mm(A) x 720mm(B), 760mm(B) x 95mm(A) x 760mm(B), 800mm(B) x 100mm(A) x 800mm(B), 840mm(B) x 105mm(A) x 840mm(B), 880mm(B) x 110mm(A) x 880mm(B), 920mm(B) x 115mm(A) x 920mm(B), 960mm(B) x 120mm(A) x 960mm(B)


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