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At NovitaTech, we’re proud to bring you the Tovertafel – a transformative product that takes play seriously.

Our mission is to enhance the lives of people living with disability, and we’re confident we can achieve this by offering purposeful play experiences through Tovertafel.

NovitaTech is your trusted source for the Tovertafel in Australia, delivering smiles and meaningful moments every day.

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About the Tovertafel

The Tovertafel, or “Magic Table,” is a special gaming system created by the Dutch company Active Cues in 2015. It’s like a video game console, but designed for healthcare use. The system includes a high-quality projector, infrared sensors, a speaker, and a processor. It projects interactive games onto almost any table.

The Tovertafel is made for places like disability therapy hubs, aged-care facilities, day-cares, libraries, and schools. It’s specifically designed for people with cognitive challenges. There are different versions for various groups, such as those with dementia, intellectual disabilities, and children with developmental delays. It’s a fun and engaging way to improve the well-being of individuals in these settings.

The Tovertafel Advantage

Unlock a world of benefits with the Tovertafel:

  • Scientifically proven to be effective for individuals living with cognitive challenges.
  • Delivers a delightful experience for both care professionals and their clients.
  • Easy to use on almost any surface, ensuring accessibility for everyone.
  • Excellent for both 1-on-1 contact and in groups.
  • Easy to install.
  • Get started at the press of a button.

Cooperation and Research

The Tovertafel is a product born out of collaboration and research. The Tovertafel creator, Hester Le Riche, initiated this innovation in 2015 through her PhD research. Today, their games are enjoyed in over 10,000 care institutions worldwide, all rooted in ongoing research.

How the Tovertafel Amazes

Thanks to the handy click-and-go system, the Tovertafel is quick and easy to install. From wheelchair trays to the floor, the games can be used on almost any surface.

The games consist of interactive light projections in which smart technology detects even the smallest movements. This makes the playing experience distinctive, intuitive, and enchanting.

Every single time.

Tovertafel for Adults Living with Intellectual Disability

Experience the magic of interactive games designed for adults living with intellectual disability. The Tovertafel adapts to each player’s level, fostering development and boosting self-confidence without the fear of mistakes.


Tovertafel for people Living with Dementia

Join us in improving the well-being of people living with dementia. The Tovertafel’s interactive games, tailored for this demographic, can be enjoyed individually or in groups. Proven to enhance physical, cognitive, social, and sensory aspects, these games stimulate movement, social interaction, and moments of happiness.


Tovertafel Games

The Tovertafel offers a wide variety of enjoyable games designed to be engaging and featuring familiar objects. Some are a bit more challenging, involving numbers or language, but most focus on delightful and colorful light displays with images from nature or everyday life.



Imagine vibrant and intensely colored flowers dancing across the table in the Flowers game. It’s exceptionally beautiful and great for newcomers or those with visual impairments. Players can interact by rubbing the flower projection on the table, causing the flower to grow. Since gardening and flowers are popular topics, it provides a wonderful conversation starter. This game is not only social but also encourages a lot of movement.


Experience the essence of autumn in the Leaves game! Projected leaves gently breeze across the table, prompting players to instinctively ‘throw’ the leaves, reminiscent of a playful woodland walk. Bright ladybirds popping up between the leaves add joy and surprise. This game often triggers delightful memories and is fantastic for promoting physical movement.


A true multisensory experience, this game is wonderful for stimulating all the senses. By moving their arm or body across the rainbow, players can reveal colours, sounds, and stars.


Feedback from partners and carers indicates that this is one of the best games to play with adults living with intellectual disabilities. Players take the ball from the puppies and roll it away, who will then receive the ball with their tails wagging, giving them a sense of satisfaction.

Shopping List

This game asks players to remember the right groceries and put them into the basket. They’ll even hear the scanner ‘beep,’ encouraging them to keep going as they make their way through the list.

Every time we play a Tovertafel game, I see one of our clients transform into a completely different and assertive woman!
Cordaan Nieuw Sloten
Marjon, care professional


Interactive Games for Adults living with Intellectual Disability


Enhance Cognitive Abilities

Tovertafel’s interactive games go beyond entertainment – they boost alertness, sharpen focus, and foster self-confidence in adults living with intellectual disabilities. Witness their newfound awareness of capabilities, often to their own surprise!


Improve Motor Skills

Through responsive virtual games and dynamic light projections, the Tovertafel platform caters to even the slightest hand movements. This tailored approach effectively trains motor skills, empowering adults living with intellectual disability to explore and comprehend their surroundings.


Foster Social Connection

Playing together creates bonds. The Tovertafel games actively promote social interaction, providing a means for adults living with intellectual disability to feel understood and connect with their caregivers – all while enjoying the experience.


Sensory Exploration

Crafted to expose adults living with intellectual disability to stimuli in a therapeutic manner, the Tovertafel games facilitate relaxation, discovery, and learning. Interactive images and sounds create an immersive sensory experience tailored to their unique needs.


Thanks to the Tovertafel, our clients – who normally aren’t able to play games together – can now play side by side. Each at their own level.
Middin, care professional

Experience Progressive Levels

Navigate through levels 1 to 5, each designed to accommodate varying cognitive abilities. From attention-holding games to challenges that demand memorisation and strategic thinking, the progressive levels of the Tovertafel ensure positive engagement.

Level 1: Observation only. Not available (yet).
Level 2: Captivating Attention
Level 3: Goal-Oriented Memorization
Level 4: Thought-Provoking Choices
Level 5: Executive Function Focus

Every game is a journey, guiding adults living with intellectual disability toward enhanced cognitive functions. Join us as we redefine interactive gaming for a diverse and dynamic community.


Tovertafel from NovitaTech

Your trusted source in Australia!

This revolutionary gaming system transforms any table into an interactive experience for disability therapy hubs, aged-care facilities, day-cares, libraries, and schools.

Scientifically proven effective, the Tovertafel brings joy to both care professionals and clients, ensuring accessibility on almost any surface.

Shop Tovertafel now for a new era of well-being.

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